Inner Motivation

I am not even planning to write a 5 minutes long post. It will be short and it is going to be a story of my friend that I will slightly manipulate.

When you are graduated, the major thing you want is a job. But even if you have number of internships, you may still wonder about a sustainable job that you like. This may lead various job trials and after gaining significant work experience, at 30–40, you may decide to “start your own business” which is probably something you are interested in. This is the risk-averse game. I still don’t know the effective methods of discovering “do what you love”. But I have asked this to a friend and his answer pretty much satisfied me:

“Do what you love”: It is the task/project/job that you don’t realise how time passes quickly because you are producing continuously and never loose your enthusiasm on topic which results with a major contribution and creation of “values”.

The man that lost it all.

He believed in revolutions during the college. He believed in reforms. The key to the change was education, that was the reason why he worked in an education foundation for a year. But when he graduated, he preferred a completely different path. He started working at a bank. Just like every graduate does. He used to criticised them a lot. It was a good opportunity, the salary was good, the job was prestigious and there was the experience. The job seemed nice and appreciated by society. But there was only one thing, he had to give up his core values, beliefs and inner motivation. Well, he gave up. He used to be respected for his unique ideas, he is now respected maybe even more because of his status. Maybe this was the true him, more greedy, addicted to make more money, just like most of the humankind. The only thing disturbing is to see that he gave up the ideas that made him himself for a very ordinary job. He is not seeing his old friends anymore. In the end, if you are not aiming to create a value or faking it, I think it is not sustainable, everything will be in a routine, you will waste tremendous time for doing something you really don’t give a shit about and the maximum amount of money will be limited because if you can’t create values you are obliged to fail.

Is it really worth to give up your core values, ideas and beliefs for a job or money? This is the ethical dilemma.


Illustration is made by me as well.

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