‘Labels’ & ‘Status’ lock our perception of ‘Love’ & ‘Happiness’

Why do we put labels?

I have not been connected with someone for a very long time, I chose the word connect because now, I have met someone, he is the most wonderful thing that has happened to me at this point. When I broke the news to a circle of close friends, many of them were happy and they wished me well. Fast forward to a couple of months, some of them checked in with me. “So, how’s it going with you and your beau?” “Oh, same old same old” And then, that question came about — “So are you guys in a relationship now?”

I pondered for a while, gave some thoughts over this. One day, I said to them — We are not in a ‘Relationship’, we’re just dating exclusively. A few of my close buddies were surprised by this. One even asked, “ If you guys aren’t in a relationship, what do you call this?” Good question. What is there to call it? I asked. Why do we need to put a label or a word to describe that feeling? I replayed the whole incident in my mind, and asked myself many many times, What do you call that?

Do we need to put a label to make something out of it? This, got me into doing an experiment. I reach out for my notebook and tabulate the pros and cons of what I am having with the other person. I realised, we really like to complicate things. I think we have lost focus on what really mattered — am I happy? Yes. Am I in love? Perhaps. Is this feeling real? Yes. Instead of putting these simple needs as our main priority in what we do in our daily lives, we complicate things by putting more detailing into what we want in our life. Do we muddle up things and make it so bad that we totally ignored the basic simple things like Happiness, Content, Joy, Love?

I think we did. We f**ked up badly. I stopped labelling things now. I don’t have a ‘relationship, or a ‘boyfriend’ I am just happy that I was able to connect deeply with someone whom I got to know and I can start to care about. I am able to take his hand and look forward, as we pace ourselves without hurry. Each experience we give to each other are lessons that we learn. It will teach us how to adapt with the uncertainties of Life. Live now, don’t bother with complexities and the gibberish nuances of your mind. Clear it away and start to appreciate all that is happening to you. 
I wish you Happiness and Good Health.