Invisalign is a Better Way to Get Awesome Smile!!!

Straight teeth are a prerequisite for beautiful smiles. The slightest misalignments in teeth can make the smile less interesting and negatively influence oral health. Dental professionals treat misalignments with the help of orthodontic appliances, which move teeth in the desired direction. Among the advanced solutions for malocclusion, Invisalign® has a special place in our dental office because of its wonderful design and functionality. The appliance is virtually invisible and it can be removed, which are key points of the treatment. Many of our patients who are residents of San Jose and other nearby localities have received Invisalign® treatment from our dentist Dr. Mervyn Chang. The success of the treatment has given life to smile desires of our patients making them proud owners of beautiful teeth.

Misaligned Teeth and the Smile:

The teeth look attractive when they are perfectly aligned and straight. When there is not sufficient space in the jawbone for proper growth of teeth there is malocclusion. The teeth become crooked because of crowding. In other cases the jawbone may overgrow and there may be gaps between teeth because of disproportionate size of jaw. As a result of such bodily defects, the teeth can turn, incline at angles, crowd up or even move apart. Orthodontics is a branch that studies problems related to bite and treatment of the same. If left untreated the misalignment of teeth can cause the following problems.

· It may lead to improper maintenance of oral hygiene and increase the chances of decay

· The teeth may wear

· The smile looks less interesting

· Complex malocclusion cases can cause TMJ problems

Invisalign® Treatment

Invisalign® is a product of Align Technology that is designed to straighten teeth in the most comfortable way. The aligners are made of BPA free plastic and have a smooth surface. They are convenient to wear. A series of aligners are used to bring about the desired movement of teeth.

We are one of the licensed Invisalign® providers in San Jose, California. The first appointment at our dental office will involve examination of oral health. The dentist may take steps to restore teeth and treat gum problems if necessary. Through scanning 3D image of the dentition is created. This helps our dentist in mapping the movement of teeth. Patients are given a preview of the expected results using the digital model. Aligners are fabricated in the lab once the dentist finalizes on the plan. Patients are given the first pair of aligners at our office. Each pair of aligners is replaced with another after every two weeks. Patient should visit the dentist every 6 weeks to check the progress of treatment. In a period of about 18 months the treatment is complete and changes can be seen in the smile.

Patients should follow the instructions of caring for Invisalign® system during the treatment. Commitment to wear the aligners for at least 22 hours of a day can help in achieving the desired results. Maintenance of oral hygiene too is very important during the treatment.

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