We want home away from home

Some of us travel to spend a few nights in a hotel, almost in a home setting. The only difference is air conditioning, fresh linen, an exotic waiter in the cafeteria and a nice view — from the balcony to the empty beach (because everyone is sitting by the hotel pool anyway).

This is quite interesting psychological phenomenon that we want to take a break from home, in a place that reminds our home. We want to relax and stepping out, something different than we do every day. But somehow we end up in tourist hotels, tourist places, with food prepared for our taste buds (so far from local cuisine), by the pool, though the sea is closer than ever. We pay for that. Of course, we try to pay as little as possible. I wonder if we are escaping from homes to hotels because we do not have the courage? …

We watch films about Tuscany, read books about Tuscany and dream about Tuscany. Road trip around Tuscany is almost a must on every bucket list (probably girly bucket list). Now I can confirm — it’s worth going to Tuscany at least once in a lifetime and see these extremely beautiful sun-lit green hills.

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road-tripping in this car would be more than cool

Warm Up

As before each trip, I did a lot of research — guides, blogs, documents, to select the most interesting places I want to visit. I experienced those places and then chose for you the strongest points with icing on the cake — Elba. …

Tell me, who doesn’t look for interesting, a bit unusual, out off the beaten track things to do in new places?

Before my first visit in Berlin, I’ve searched TOP TEN — the mix of historical, architecturally interesting points of the city and that’s it — booooring (though certainly significant). So, I’ve searched deeper, then I tested it on my own, walked a bit around that crazy beautiful city and here comes short, but hopefully interesting list with propositions for you my darlings.

It’s for those who are going to Berlin today, tomorrow, in a month, a year, for the first time, or maybe not. …


Hiking is so cool that almost everyone can do it. You do not have to be a sports champion to try it. You can wander the majority of our cute little world’s land and most often for free. You can hike through your city, hills, valleys, by the lakes, by the rivers, in the mountains, volcanoes — the landscape of the Earth gives you a lot of opportunities and fun.

Landscape in Portugal also.

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Fishermen’s Trail

I’m in love with Portugal, but Portuguese cities are not on my top destinations list. I knew I wanted to go on a monthly trip to Portugal, and at least a week (or two) spend far away from people, metropolis, inhaling fresh air (nice change from polluted Cracow), enjoying the views and clear thoughts in my head. …

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Ribeira Lifestyle

I hope that some cool tips about Porto are just about to come in front of your eyes. Your job is to read them, add water, stir and buy cheap ticket to Porto — that’s all. Instant Porto — if you’ve never been there or you’ve been there, but ignored a lot.

Be prepared

I am into spontaneity during my trips, equally as I am into being very well prepared before going anywhere. Beside cleverly packing my backpack, reading tones of stuff about place I want to visit, I always try to catch up with some foreign words I would probably need to use while being on the spot. …

Mery Kaminska

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