Why Women Should Rule the World


Speaking about women couldn’t be separated to their role in the world. Women were also known as powerless humankind in the world. According to the evolution of women’s role in the working world in the early 19th century, women were assumed unable to handle the pressures of life outside of the home, they couldn’t vote, were discouraged from working, and were excluded from politics. The general consensus at the time said that men were more capable than women in working and everything until 1920 where women had rights to vote. The idea that told women were always inferior or powerless (yes, maybe that was true in any sector of life for some reasons but not always) and men were always better than women are no longer valid. Of course, women can rule the world. Here, I’ll tell you why they are worth and also may be better than men.

Women are less aggressive than men

According to Dee Dee Myers, author of Why Woman Should Rule the World, there are some reasons why women are worth to rule the world. She said that woman do seem more interested in consensus. They do seem less consumed by the constant who’s-up-and-who’s-down score-keeping aspect of the political game. They do seem more willing to listen to other people’s opinions. Yes, women are pacifist, they have less of testosterone hormone which makes them less aggressive than men. They prefer doing diplomatic path in agreement. Won’t it make the political process more productive? I think yes; it will. If there are more women in positions of power, lots of things will be better. Not perfect but better. We’ll be better to resolve conflicts and keep the peace.

Some of things that women do better than men mostly

Women are good in management. They are not only good in managing their family but also having commitment to their work. A woman who become single parent is still capable in taking care of her children by herself. They are also capable in collaboration, consensus building, and focus on relationship or partnership. Besides that, a woman who dreams herself is focused on self-discovery (the act or process of achieving herself-knowledge). Not self-discovery as a hobby, but self-discovery as a responsibility and service to society. The Dreamers, the women who dream themselves will also dream a new world into being.

Woman can also be a leader

Some people say women are slow-moving in decision-making. But I think we cannot generalize that for all womankind. This idea is not proven. In fact, a woman can also be a leader. For instance, in Brazil we know Dilma Rousseff as a President which is elected in 2011. We also know Queen Elizabeth II as a Queen of United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Besides that, in Indonesia we have Megawati Soekarnoputri as the fifth President. And don’t you realize that the world needs women in leadership? Research by The White House Project and so many other organizations supports the knowledge that Americans are comfortable with women leaders in the majority of sectors, and they even see women as better at most aspects of leadership at the time.

Dreaming Bigger Dreams

Do we ever think where we are right know? Have we been close to the tipping point in most place? Unfortunately, not all women in the world think about it.

Where do you think we should be in 2020? After one hundred years since women won the right to vote when there is no leadership gap between women and men, the power and potential of woman will be freed up. I think women need to bring forward their values, passion, and intellectual. In addition their career, so that their caring contributions will be respected and their voices will be heard clearly. By taking the seats at decision-making tables on a more equal basis, it’s the time for women to act on their dreams, building on today’s women-centered initiatives to change the world.

Get out your crystal ball, Girls!

Mery Ana

(2nd July, 2015)

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