The Last Dollar

I was down to my last dollar. The last of my earnings had to be spent on food. Living in New York and working in New Jersey meant that sometimes I did not have enough money to make ends meet. Sadly, this was one of those cases.

At least I wouldn’t go hungry. I carried the heavy grocery bags from the supermarket and out into the street. It was a warm spring day and the sun was coming down. Soon it would be nightfall and my thoughts were lost on how I would get by until my next paycheck. I walked steadily- looking down towards the ground (a habit formed after many years of being in the city and avoiding eye contact with shady characters). Lost in thought and worry, I walked until suddenly out of the corner of my eye I saw it. At first I thought I had imagined it but no, it was there. Right there. In front of me. A crisp $100 bill.

I could not believe it. I felt like Charlie when he found his golden ticket in the chocolate bar. My elation, however, was short lived as I realized that there was a man behind me who had witnessed my reaction and was now getting ready to race me for the money. We both moved faster. Fortunately, I had a head start since I was in front of him and had noticed the bill first. Focused, I dashed, thinking that my prayers had been answered and that this, this usurper was trying to take what was rightfully mine.

He (the usurper) started to increase his pace. I ignored him, zeroing in on the bill, visualizing it in my hand. Celebrating my victory, I picked up the bill swiftly. It was mine! Mine, mine, mine.

The man behind said to me as he passed by “you got lucky”. I didn’t get lucky. The Universe had heard my plea, noticed my plight and answered my implorations.

I walked home feeling so much lighter. Happy that I would be able to make it by for another week. In the back of my mind though, in some little corner, a niggling thought about the poor soul who lost this money. Quickly, I shooed it away, since after all God created this miracle for me….right?