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I’m not pro-abortion or anti-abortion, although I will admit without shame to having terminated a pregnancy. I’m against the government making that decision for me or you or anyone else. You can’t believe in small government and then give them the right to reach into my body and tell me how to manage what goes on in there. I support your right to believe what you want. If your religion tells you that life begins at conception and abortion is murder, I support your constitutional right to freely exercise your religion and to never get an abortion. But, my religion doesn’t tell me that. So, I’ll keep freely practicing my religion, as well.

As far as discrimination goes, I didn’t use my words carefully, and I acknowledge that. I wasn’t suggesting that the poster had never experienced discrimination in his life. I was suggesting that he had not experienced discrimination on the basis of his sexual orientation or gender identity. If he had, he would not feel such discrimination was acceptable.

If you don’t think the Women’s March was something that we needed. If the principles behind it seem nonsensical to you, well then I’m sorry. I have not suggested the March for Life was nonsensical. I have not derided those that participated in it. I support their right to demonstrate. I love that we live in a country where they can do that. While I do not agree with their message, I will not degrade them as so many on the Right have degraded those of us that participated in the Women’s March.

My responses to the original poster were a tad snide in tone. I will admit that. But, let’s not pretend that his “interest” was sincere. He was trolling me as hard as I was trolling him.