typography wonks who’ve wasted their lives editing extraneous spaces from transcripts,
People Really Hate Being Told to Put Only One Space After a Period
John McDermott

Yes, apparently they have wasted their lives. There is clearly disagreement on the use of one or two spaces, and no one has ever complained about being unable to read a paragraph because of an extra space, or lack thereof, at the end of the sentences. They need to stop being so controlling. Language, grammar, typography, typesetting — all these things change over time, and that’s a good thing. All these control freaks that try say there’s only one proper way to do express yourself (like the author of this app) only stifle expression. I agree rules have to exist for comprehension’s sake, but this certainly isn’t one of them. I personally have always preferred reading sentences with a double space at the end. It looks better and identifies the pause at the end of a sentence better.

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