Luxurious Desert Camping Experience in Erg Chebbi

Morocco’s desert dunes attract travelers from all around the world to enjoy a lifetime experience. Erg Chebbi dunes boasts of a wide variety of unique flora and fauna as well as considered to be the most photographed place and destination for desert hikers or visitors. In Morocco, you will find wide range of desert camps, from which some are located in impressive location and offers a great stay with stunning views of a serene and beautiful desert.

What type of ambience and comfort does a desert camp in Erg Chebbi Merzouga offers?

Surrounded by magnificent sand dunes, the desert camps in Erg Chebbi have a mix of traditional Berber design that is coupled with modern comfort. You will find a desert camping tent is decorated with luxury furnishings that offer a great ambiance and comfort. With rich carpeting on the floor, double or full single beds as well as other décor elements like mirrors made by Moroccan artists, bed side tables and simple sitting area with coffee table, you will experience a luxurious and relaxing stay. To offer tourists and desert camp accommodation seeker more comfort, most of the desert camps have en-suite private bathroom with flush toilet, sink and shower (hot and cold water).

Exciting Activities at a Desert Camp:

  • Camel Trekking: Most desert camps in Erg Chebbi offers guided and well planned camel trekking trip to enjoy a unique desert experience. Exploring a stunning desert on the back of a camel will prove to be a memorable and once in a lifetime adventure. Erg Chebbi Merzouga in Morocco is one of the best regions for enjoying an exhilarating camel trekking.
  • Guided walks: You can enjoy guided walk to explore not only the great desert but also will get an opportunity to visit the nomadic camps or beautiful villages. On a guided walk you will get many photographic moments as well as can be aware about the nomadic lifestyle.
  • Picnics and Sundowners on the Dunes: It will prove to be a great experience in spend some quality time on a beautiful dune in a great setting. Enjoying a lunch on the dune or witnessing stunning sunset will prove to be a memorable moment.

Merzouga Desert Camps offers luxury desert camping options in Erg Chebbi for tourist and travelers who want to experience the real luxury and comfort amidst of a beautiful and stunning desert. We have six magnificent white tents with beautiful exterior and interior that offers a great ambiance for your desert stay in Erg Chebbi Morocco. Our experience and hospitable team ensures that every travelers enjoy a great stay along with indulge in most exciting activities like camel trekking.