What to Experience on a Luxury Camp in the Desert of Morocco’s Erg Chebbi?

A land of unforgiving desert landscapes- Morocco thrives with exotic beauty that has captivated travelers for centuries. Two most exciting things, such as luxury camping and camel trekking in Morocco are considered to be one of the most sought tourist activities.

Popularity of Desert Camps in Morocco:

These days, visitors are attracted towards the most beautiful and enchanting Erg Chebbi- desert dune to enjoy a luxury camp. At the Erg Chebbi in Morocco, as a visitor, you will get an opportunity to experience the appeal of the Sahara. The Erg Chebbi desert in Morocco is a place of exceptional solitude and wonderful beauty. The vision of enjoying a luxury camp in Erg Chebbi will give you a restorative sense of enchantment and pure tranquility to experience the soul of Morocco. Considering a luxury camp will help you enjoy a deluxe holiday experience. This will offer you an authentic desert escape while enjoying the warmth of Moroccan hospitality and service.

Top Activities to Enjoy:

During your stay in a luxury camp in the Morocco desert, you will get the chance to indulge in various fun filled and exciting activities like camel trekking. Enjoying camel trekking will help you enjoy a truly unique experience. You will get a chance to enjoy an epic camel ride across the beautiful Erg Chebbi sand dunes and witness the most spectacular panoramic vistas. Apart from this, you will love to enjoy 4x4WD excursion trip that will give you a wonderful chance to explore the spectacular sand dunes on a well maintained vehicle. This will prove to be a breathtaking and thrilling activity, which will make your luxury camp stay in Erg Chebbi, Morocco a memorable one.

The Best Facilities:

Choosing a reliable luxury desert camp provider in Erg Chebbi, Morocco will help you enjoy an excellent accommodation at an affordable price. You will love to stay in a well designed and decorated tent that will provide a great ambiance and comfort. Both physically and mentally, you will get an opportunity to relax and unwind by considering a desert camp stay. Most of the magnificent tents are decorated both interior and exterior with beautiful Moroccan furnishings like rich carpeting, mirrors (made by Moroccan artists, bed side tables, double or full single beds and peaceful seating area with coffee table. For your utmost comfort, a reliable camp service provider will offer you a comfortable stay in the luxury desert camp that has an ensuite private bathroom with sink, shower and flush toilet facility (with both hot and cold water supply).

Merzouga Desert Camps offers luxury camp in Desert Morocco that will help you enjoy a finest desert camping experience. Our magnificent desert tents (with the facility of ensuite private bathroom) in Erg Chebbi, Morocco will help you enjoy a unique experience in a tranquil environment, which is far away from the modern civilization yet exceptionally beautiful.

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