Is Buying a Handmade Engagement Ring Worth Its Price?

If you are looking for a gorgeous ring for your beloved, choose a handmade engagement ring that will leave her stunned. You can get the ring customized to make it more special.

When it comes to choosing a piece of jewelry, you strive to make a statement. Well, latest jewelry designs are always there to spoil you for choice, if you’re on the verge of choosing handmade diamond jewelry for your fiancée.

If you’re looking for a beautiful ring for your partner, why not consider a customized ring with which you would pop that question she’s dying to lend her ears to for long?

What are the advantages of a bespoke handmade engagement ring?

Let’s examine some of the great advantages that will leave you fascinated deep inside.

  • One-of-a-kind — While so many rings produced are no doubt stunning, they don’t seem to be unique. When you make a purchase of a handmade diamond ring for your engagement, what you will get is a ring that nobody else will have (being 100% unique).
  • Increased Value — A bespoke ring takes a long time in its manufacturing, Being rare due to its uniqueness, it will be worth much more than you might actually think.
  • Control — When you opt for a ring from the shelf of a jeweler, you don’t get to exploit the creativity as others craftsmen would display. However, if you have something to share or would like to incorporate to the ring, then you can go ahead and have your say in the ring design.
  • Matching Pieces — Become involved in the ring design? You can authorize other important items as well that will blend well with the size, style, color of the ring.
  • More Bespoke Options — When you choose to get the ring personalized, you have the freedom to add a plethora of various elements and weight making the ring completely personal for you and your future mate.
  • More Time to Plan — When you have that unique and the most beautiful ring for your fiancée-to-be, you get enough time as to how you should go about proposing to your beloved partner.

Still not convinced why to choose a handmade diamond jewelry (a ring) for your partner? Here are some more benefits:

1.Uniqueness (of a customized engagement ring)

Engagement is once in a lifetime affair, and when you get engaged to your lady love, it’s the commitment you make to the one you love. Obviously, you want a diamond ring that’s not only unique in nature, but should be special and meaningful as well which your beloved partner can brag about among her friends.


Whether you want the ring to showcase diamonds, rubies or sapphires, it’s important for you to take the metal and cut of the stone into consideration. You can choose from the following cuts:

  • Round
  • Pear
  • Heart
  • Oval
  • Radiant
  • Princess

And a lot more!

3. Gift of Love

Made up your mind on the ring design? Now it’s time to plan the proposal that will sweep your woman off her feet. So, something unique to blend with the ring’s uniqueness is what you should emphasize on. Make sure you don’t run short of time when it comes to presenting that perfect proposal in front of her which she’ll cherish for the rest of her life.


You would simply be left awestruck when you get up close and personal with the new trends on the jewelry front, but a handmade engagement ring is unquestionably one of the exciting as well as long-lasting trends that will not vanish for years to come.

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