Movie Fan- My Review

If you have seen the trailers of this movie then you would know that FAN is about an over enthusiastic fan (Gaurav) who is also a looks like of his favorite star (Aryan), and this fan gets annoyed with star later so goes on to take revenge against him. Nice concept but heavily inspired from Hollywood movie ‘THE FAN’. The movie FAN revolve around this core concept without much story plot and no sub plot, so becomes Not-difficult-to-predict.

Part of Gaurav’s character comes out as lovable Delhi boy but rest of him is same character Shahrukh khan played in Darr movie, the obsessed lover. I liked the first part of Gaurav’s character, it’s worth watching him trying to mimic Delhi accent and mannerism, it looks fresh and new. For obsessed lover character, we have seen many other movies too, so it’s like watching the same movie clips again. There is no other character in movie worth mentioning. Gaurav’s lady friend shown in few scenes in first 20 min or so in movie is not at all developed till the end and Even Gaurav’s parents have to tell (to Aryan and more to audience) that she is Gaurav’s love interest. Then there are plot holes like whenever Gaurav wishes, he becomes indistinguishable from Aryan, even Aryan’s wife mistake him for Aryan, but later if Gaurav wishes he can become himself and so not-like-aryan that even security looking for Aryan’s look like doesn’t suspect him. And Gaurav does perform this task without any special talent, magical trick or ayyari (remember Chandrakanta serial). I’m sure some fans who liked ‘Rab ne bana di Jodi’ will find it okay in this movie too. Then Gaurav goes to a foreign country does some makeup and gets a security batch on deferent identity.

There are no funny lines either well it’s mystery movie and not comedy so can’t expect those, but there is not much mystery also, that’s bad. For me it’s One time watching on television movie. Worth of time but not money.


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