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The internet is home to some of his biggest haters.

Others think he is a genius.

While his cynics and fans aimlessly scroll through Twitter on a typical afternoon, he steps on the cyber stage for the 12th time that day to share yet another strong opinion:

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Haters gonna hate. But likes and retweets from raving fans start pouring in almost instantly.

That’s @DHH as the web knows him: one of the founders of Basecamp, a remote software company, and one of the online world’s most polarizing figures.

His blog posts and tweets that contain strong opinions may leave you with mixed feelings. …

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As the aircraft took off, Nathan tried not to think of his business anymore. This five-week trip to South Africa was a well-deserved break.

Sitting next to him on that December flight was Hilary, the girl he was going to marry in five months.

There was no reason to feel guilty about taking time off. After all, months of hard work were finally paying off. His freelance web design business was on to steady growth. And he had just closed November with his highest monthly revenue ever: $14,000.

With a ton more clients lined up to start projects when he returned, Nathan sat back and relaxed, imagining many other record-breaking months ahead. …

30 tips to tighten up your grammar skills

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“Panda. Large black-and-white bear-like mammal, native to China. Eats, shoots and leaves.”

In her best-selling book on grammar and punctuation, author Lynne Truss shows how dramatically incorrect usage can change the meaning of a sentence. Here, one little comma is the difference between a violent panda and a panda who snacks on bamboo shoots.

Grammar rules, annoying as they can be, are man-made. And man-made rules can always be unmade (or ignored). But if you’re up for the challenge, tightening up your grammar skills can pack a powerful punch in your writing.

Proper grammar isn’t just a formality. Clean and clear copy makes for compelling content. Without the distraction of grammatical errors, readers can focus on — and better understand — your message. …

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