The secret is in the line.

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The corpse was so well-preserved that they thought it was fresh.

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“Thesaurus carpet-bombings and long-winded sentences are commonly mistaken for fine writing because they feel authoritative and intellectual.

But they’re just masks; effective writing is lean, clean, and easy to read.”

— Gregory Ciotti

A 15-minute guide to getting your life back.

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Crowds consume information. Those who decide what crowds consume create.

You might as well carry on with the bottomless finger-scrolling and continue to devour what the elite class has created for you today.

But if you ever intend to define what crowds consume, and thereby define the marketplace, you have to master the ability to stay away from the crowds and move over to the creators’ side.

That’s where the elite production happens. And it requires long, uninterrupted hours of work in intense concentration.

30 tips to tighten up your grammar skills

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“Panda. Large black-and-white bear-like mammal, native to China. Eats, shoots and leaves.”

We are making some changes — here are three updates that cover everything you need to know:

1. We’re Rebranding The Startup to Start it up.

1. Have a peek at our guidelines:

a. Topics we accept:

  • Technology: Artificial Intelligence, blockchain, cryptocurrencies, VR/AR/MR, IoT, robotics, data science, machine learning and big data.
  • Web dev and design: UX, UI, design, developing, programming, apps, software, hardware and SaaS.

b. Six tips to increase your chances of becoming one of our writers:

  1. Don’t skimp on the intro — You know what they say: first impressions are everything. We receive a lot of submissions that begin with a couple of lines and quickly cut to: X tips for doing Y better. Instead of rushing, get creative with your introduction. …

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Ali Mese

Founder/Owner: Start it up + Curious + Geek Culture. I also write essays that help you get smarter at building your thing

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