Using GMTiled2 to load Tiled projects into GameMaker

Aug 17 · 7 min read

Step 1: In Tiled, Create a new project

Step 2 (optional): In GameMaker, add the TMX project

Insert Included File, or drag and drop the .tmx file into the IDE window

Step 3: In GameMaker, add some Tile Sets

Adding a new tileset called tl_dungeon_sheet

Step 4: In Tiled, add the same Tile Sets

Step 5: In Tiled, draw your tiles!

Step 6: In GameMaker, create the object/code that will load the tiles

Method 1: One-shot load

Example of a simple object reading a tmx project and creating layers. Cleanup event contains tiled_destroy(tiles)

Using Object Layers

Step 1: In GameMaker, create the objects you want to be able to spawn

Step 2: In Tiled, create an object layer, and add objects

Step 3 (optional): Set any custom properties of the object

Technical Notes

Data storage format

Layer depth

Room setting in GameMaker showing Instances layer at Depth 0
Layer setting in Tiled

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