MeshPoint nominated for “startup-Oscar”

Croatian startup MeshPoint recently received the prize for social innovation awarded by Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) in Croatia. Now MeshPoint is being nominated as finalists for the Best Humanitarian Tech of The Year award (sponsored by UNICEF) as part of The 2016 Europas Conference. Founded by TechCrunch editor Mike Butcher, the Europas is an annual conference held in London where European Awards for technology startups are being presented to the best nominees in more than 20 different categories. It is a place where technology startups, leading investors and media come together around some of the most forward thinking, progressive and innovative tech startups and companies.

In any type of crisis situation communication helps humanitarian organizations to organize themselves better, to act faster, to manage disaster more efficiently and in doing so to save lives. Efficient communication system and good and stable Internet access can help both humanitarian organizations and people served to access and disseminate much needed information and data which in return makes them both more confident in the functioning of the relief system while reducing the stress of not knowing and not being informed. MeshPoint demonstrated and confirmed this during the time Croatia was gate for refugees to their goal country in European Union.

About MeshPoint
MeshPoint is autonomous rugged wifi hotspot for outdoors and crisis areas which is simple and quick to set up. It is designed to sustain extreme conditions while providing reliable Internet access for up to 150 simultaneous users per device at once, i.e. 14 000 users in 24 hours. MeshPoint uses open source and networking equipment that can be easily sourced anywhere, with files of all the mechanical parts that can be 3D printed so it could be easily built by anyone in their workshop. All this makes MeshPoint widely replicable and easily adaptable locally. You can find out more by visiting the project’s website at


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