PechaKucha Night & MeshPoint in a nutshell

Last Friday, March the 10th, MeshPoint project was featured as a part of the 4th edition of PechaKucha Nights in Osijek, Croatia. This PechaKucha Night was dedicated to the concept of crowdfunding and its role in setting up different entrepreneurial ventures. The topic of crowdfunding as an alternative fund raising model was particularly appealing to us because being a startup based on an open source business model can be quite challenging when it comes to attracting investments, applying for grants and seeking other funding opportunities.

PechaKucha Night, Osijek (Croatia), March the 10th 2017

Our founder and CEO Valent Turkovic was one of 8 invited speakers that night all of whom were sharing their experiences with crowdfunding their projects and businesses and what they’ve learned in the process. Before the audience of about 150 people and in a very casual and funny, yet inspiring and impelling way Valent also explained what it is that we’re doing and why we believe that fast, rugged and simple communication infrastructure is one small step for MeshPoint, but a huge leap for crisis communication.

In 20 pictures and less than 7 minutes audience was introduced with MeshPoint’s history, concept, mission and goals while hearing about different ongoing examples of its employment which also stand as proof of its performance, efficiency and accomplishments.