Project MeshPoint wins Hackaday Prize — Internet of Useful Things

Hackaday prize 2017 — IOT winners

And so it turns out we have another great news to share with you.

Few months ago project MeshPoint entered a Hackaday prize 2017 competition.

Our team of 11 members applied for the first round, Design your concept, where we got a chance to pitch our idea and design concept.

We ‘passed the test’ so we run with the second challenge, Internet of Useful Things. And today it was announced that we are one of twenty winners in this round. We won a $1000 and will move to the final round of the Hackaday prize that will be held this fall.

On our Hackaday page you can read about the project and its details, you can meet our team, find out about our work so far and our plans for the future, and you can find instructions on how to configure and flash the firmware, assembly the device (MeshPoint) and how to do the final firmware configuration.

There are still 3 more challenges left and we plan to run in all of them — “Wheels, Wings, and Walkers”, then “Assistive technologies” and finally “Anything goes”.

You can support us by following our work or giving us your like and we are open for new team members to join our team if you are passionate about using wifi to help people in need.

Also, if you’re interested, have an idea and want to contribute to our project, let us know.