Day 3 in Andela Bootcamp cohort 17:A journey that requires commitment

We are still having our offsite learning sessions which involves tasks that must be solved each day and submitted before 4.30 pm of the same day. I begin my day as usual, with breakfast to give me energy for the ‘monsters’ ahead of me .

I have developed a valuable altitude(if I may call it that way) in my life that makes me face anything on my way regardless of its difficulty. I believe every successful person has this kind of altitude. It is a believe that no mountain that cannot be climbed in this life. So, with this kind of altitude and confidence, I settle down to start my days activities.

#Task 1: Am supposed to write a program that gives the frequency of occurrence of words in a sentence. Its called word count problem.I figure out the problem in my mind and it seems very simple,so I wonder within myself,why are they asking me to solve this kind of problem. There are tests to guide me on what the output should be. Am fumbled by only one test; my program rejects non-ascii characters which I finally manage to solve after some consultations.

My program was so selfish; it rejected sentences with non-ascii characters but after persuading it and showing it why every character encoding is important, it finally takes care of each encoding.

From the above, it becomes evident that one must incorporate every other person in his/her life. By this, I mean,everybody should be represented well. I learn that in whatever I do in my days work;whether professionally or non-professionally, I should put into consideration the feelings of every other person around me.

#Task 2:It’s about minimum and maximum numbers in an array. This one I would not talk about it, but fires up my thinking.

#Task 3: This is one is very important. It is about public APIs. To be frank, I did not have any clue on what should be done,so I headed up to my friend(google) who thoroughly explained to me what public APIs are. Have you ever thought for a minute about how computers cooperate in a very friendly manner? They do so because they have well defined protocols which each must follow/implement in order for them to work together.

My curiosity to learn public APIs has taught me a life long lesson,that collaboration is a key to a faster growth of our society. Working together towards a common goal would always lead to advancement in our way of thinking. This is so because there will be a larger pool of knowledge ready to use. This would challenge everyone to perfect what he/she does and the outcome becomes excellent.

part IV coming soon…