My experience in andela bootcamp cohort 17

As I write this blog, am in the last day of Andela boot-camp cohort 17:
I have been in this boot-camp for two weeks now and are done with our projects.
I want to write about the challenges I have faced while in this bootcamp.
The experience has been quite interesting to me. I have learned many things touching on one’s life, interacted with many people most of them being Andela fellows. By the way, Andela fellows are very friendly,
 and very welcoming. The likes of Loice, Alex and Ian, are people one can desire to have them around him/her. I love the way they are.

So, let me talk of my experience:

Tight-deadline and time management:

In Andela, there was tight schedule for one to complete given tasks. Right from the beginning of the boot-camp, you are given a day’s task whose deadline looks achievable but you only realize that you not going to beat it the moment you find that you have got half an hour to deadline,yet you are still on the very first task. This can make one feel daunted if not solved.

My walk-around was to prioritize tasks according to their level of difficulty. This meant solving the tasks which seem to demand the least time.

Expectation to learn and perform at the same time:

In boot-camp, I found out that am expected to learn new things and at the same time do tasks assigned to me. This is challenging to a starter more so if she/he has not been exposed to such culture. But I thank God there was always somebody to seek guidance from; the boot-camp facilitators(BF). They help me learn how to learn so as to meet the expectations.

There is so much one gets exposed to in andela and the experience there is awesome.