You Still Love It!

Do you think Vera Wang would like working in a sweat shop?


Why not??

She enjoys designing and creating fashionable garments! I’m certain she would want to do what she loves, even if she couldn't be rich and famous.

Can you see Vera there — hunched under an anemic light with her pained fingers humping away, as a rosary of sweat surfs down her slender spine? Do you see her — clothed in tatters, working 18 hour days, earning little more than 3 U.S dollars for her titanic work ethic?

News Flash: Certain conditions must be met, EVEN to do the thing we LOVE.

I recently went on a writing hiatus, where I once gain, for the millionth time, questioned my writing dreams. I have earned, what can only be referred to as, insufficient funds over the course of my ever budding career. My blogging contributions and client business documents have wrangled in a dollar amount too horrid to speak aloud.

I was recently offered .02 per word from a marketing site (freelance of-course). And in an unprecedented moment of clarity, I turned it down. My former self thought it unconscionable to refuse a gig. But somewhere over the past decade, I have realized my worth. The ease and joy with which I rebuffed the recruiter lead me to ponder the status of my Writing Bug.

But alas…

I love writing. Always have. Always shall.


I won’t become a slave — not even for him.

Writing for pleasure is one thing. But, working my fingers to the fossil for a sum of cash equivalent to a child’s handful of pesos, is no longer acceptable for me. Every artist, entrepreneur, professional, and future mogul must someday come to one actualization — OUR work is valuable.

But, don’t let this insight rob you of your passion!


You just need to do it on your own terms.

Whatever those terms may be…

I would rather write… when, how, and why I want to — for free, than to adhere to an incongruous list of guidelines to barely acquire lunch money, entering a 90/10 cut agreement, for MY work, with some crowd-sourcing site. And a client isn’t going to spend $400 on a sew-in weave and offer me $50 for a proposal.

If anyone is going to under employ me, it will be me!

Everyone else, will need to pay retail ;-)

What does playing by your own rules look like in your passion??

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