Get Financially Compensated Before It’s Too Late

Transvaginal mesh is a net-like device which is used to treat conditions like POP and Stress Urinary Incontinence. These disorders are commonly reported in women over the age of 40 and in those who have given birth to newborns recently. This device was intended to treat multiple disorders, but unfortunately it became infamous for posing some lethal complications.

Women who have undergone transvaginal mesh implantation surgery have reported diverse side-effects. Many of these patients were left with no other options but to file a lawsuit against the mesh manufacturers. There are several legal firms which can provide you a comprehensive idea about mesh lawsuit update. But, before you decide to file a lawsuit, you should learn about the various side-effects and check whether you are eligible to file one:

1) Bowel or bladder perforation

2) Autoimmune problems

3) Blood in the urine or stool

4) Bruising

5) Fistulas

6) Depression

7) Hematomas

8) Urinary tract infections

9) Mesh erosion

10) Lower back pain

11) Neuro-Muscular problems

12) Nerve damage

13) Recurrence of problems

14) Pain in the genital and pelvic region

15) Protrusion of transvaginal mesh

16) Retention of urine

17) Vaginal scarring and bleeding

In case, you have suffered from any of these complications, then you should raise your voice too. It will help you and thousands of other victims to receive justice, before it’s too late. MeshLawsuitHelpCenter is one of the firms which have persistently delivered exceptional services. To learn more, visit or call 1(855)553–4959.