Hello Geeks, I am back again with another story. In this is story I am gonna talk about Virustotal vs Nodistribute.

Many of you have at least one antivirus in your pc/laptop . Let me tell you, there is no such antivirus which is perfect!. Some antivirus only detects viruses, some detects only spywares and some detects only malwares. So, we don’t purchase all antivirus on our system. For that we have two websites, one is Virustotal and another is Nodistribute.


Virustotal uses more than 60 antiviruses to scan the uploaded file. Virustotal works on analysis. It first checks…

Useful Linux tricks.

Hello Geeks, I am back again with another story. This time I have different topic than last two stories.

Are you struggling with time while using Linux commands? If yes, read this blog. I am gonna tell you some tricks and tips to save your time.


You may have known about this trick. Tab is used to complete your command automatically and check other options. Let us understand this.

In above case I am trying to write: sudo apt install

But I have only write “i” instead of “install”. Now if I press tab one time…

Hello Geeks, I am back again with another story.

In last story I talked about colspan in HTML. In this story I am going to talk about rowspan in HTML.

Definition: The rowspan attribute specifies the number of rows a cell should span.

rowspan in <th> and <td> tag attribute. It is not used with <tr> tag. Default value of rowspan is “1”; value of “0” means that the cell spans across all rows.

Consider this code:

<table border=”1" style=”border-collapse: collapse; width: 100%;”>
<th style=”width: 50%;”>Name</th>
<th style=”width: 50%;”>Branch</th>
<td style=”width: 50%;”>Shreedhar</td>
<td style=”width: 50%;”>IT</td>
<td style=”width: 50%;”>Himanshu</td>
<td style=”width: 50%;”>IT</td>
<td style=”width: 50%;”>Aditya</td>
<td style=”width: 50%;”>Computer</td>

Hello Geeks, this is my first story on this platform. Hope you all are healthy and safe. Let me tell you little about me. My name is Shreedhar Chavan. I am a Third Year Engineering Student (IT). I am learning web development as a part of my syllabus and personal interest also.

Today, I am going to talk about Colspan in HTML.

So, basically the colspan attribute defines the number of columns a cell should span. It is <td> and <th> tag attribute. This attribute has numeric value, for example , colspan = “2” will span two columns.

Syntax :

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