April 15, 2017
Workye Zekarge

After so many days, I read the above response that I gave and all of a sudden few points came to my mind which I have to add to those people who are interested or those who are confused about Christianity. I read and heard, Most people believe that Jesus Christ came to Earth and died for us so that we can go to Heaven. If you believe on these philosophy you are missing an important message. Jesus Christ came to this World is to teach and show us the right direction so that we don’t have to be cheated by the devil again.1 We should know, the law was not for OUR FLESH but to save OUR SOULS. If his coming was to save the souls of all mankind; he shouldn’t come to Earth, he could have done it at his Kingdom. His instructions was to LOVE and HELP each other and we have to follow the Law that was given by God. As a human being we are all sinners; if some people says that they are not, they must know that they are cheating themselves. What we should know is we have to repent, confess and apologize God. Then we have to take the FLESH and BLOOD of Jesus Christ which he gave for his Disciples before he was crucified. Since then, that is the only way we can go to Heaven freely. Don’t forget the devil always want to mislead us and tell what he wants so that we will go to hell with him; so we have to be strong and be a winner.

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Workye Zekarge

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