8 Things Every Person Should Do Before 8 A.M.
Benjamin P. Hardy

Dear Benjamin,

You have share everything what we should know and I would like to thank you. As you always do, I would like to share also what I know.

I have two points to share: The first one is number 2 = “Prayer and Meditation.” I don’t have anything to say about meditation; but I have one point on Prayer. Praying is not only to avoid food for few hours; it means to communicate with God and that is only works for those who have religion or believe in God.

Fasting is no food minimum a half a day. That will help to reduce weight and cut down blood sugar.

The second one is number 7= “Review your Life Vision”. When you review your life, you do not have to go back and regret for the past life you have. If you were rich or have a big position in your job and lost everything now, you do not have to go back. You dont have to think about it because life is just like that--it goes up and down.

I thank “medium.com” for the opportunity they gave us to exchange IDEAS.

Workye Zekarge

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