My Dad Cheated on My Mom. Does That Mean I’m Going to Be A Cheater, Too?
Jennifer Sanchez

Dear Jennifer,

This is what I like about “”. Give us the opportunity to discuss about human life. Based on your article, it shows you are disappointed on your Dad. When one family comes to this kind of problems, one has to use his or her mind. The brain is there to solve the problem. Think about it two or four times, your Dad made a mistake and cheated your mom, she heard about it and disappointed. That makes her to cut down the love she has for him for few days and that doesn’t mean to quit her life with him, because he made that kind of mistake is just for two minutes, that’s it. We men are fools because our eyes doesn’t look ahead and our brain will be blocked when we see a woman naked. There are strong men who cures women when they see their breast and their legs.

Jennifer, the world we live in is messed up and we have to fight against those women who are showing their bodies naked. When a woman wears short skirt and open shirt, we call her crazy. Why they want to be seen like that, tell me, just to attract those men who do not see ahead and those who forget their home life, means their wives, children, his pride and dignity. So your mom should be a person who forgives any mistakes that comes from her husband, from her children and all families. If she does that, she always bring buck herq happiness. If she is happy, every one she knows will be happy. When your Dad see her attitude he will regret for what he did and he will be the most honest person on Earth.

Jennifer, what will happen if your mom did the mistake? The first thing, he will never find out because Women’s did is very secretive and men are weak for these kind of creativity. But if your Dad knows that your mom goes out with another man, he will destroy his life and his children. Life shouldn’t be handled that way, we must say “let it go! let it go!” then a true love Will be managed and life can be lead with happiness.

Jennifer, you were worried about your DNA, in my opinion you don’t have to worry about it. What you should do is take care of your husband more than he expects, more than he knows you before and show him you are master of his life. When a man gets these kind of treatment, he will remain in the middle of your hand and he will understand what life means and start doing much better than you did to him. If is there any problem, invite him a cup of coffee or tea and try to discuss the problem and solve it, that is what life means in the Marriage world.

Jennifer, if you allow me, I would like to give a small advice to your Dad, next time, if a woman comes naked towards him, let him close his eyes or ler him turn his head as he see nothing and that will cut off what the woman have in her mind and this is the best way to save his life and his beloved wife.

Thank you,

Workye Zekarge