March 15, 2017

Where Are We Going?

It sounds different, big question, no direction, get lost, what am I going to do? The same questions going round and round.

To be honest, we don’t know where we going; every direction looks good. We think and believe we got the right direction, sometimes it will take us to the right spot and sometimes it will take us to unimaginable ditch where no one could get out.

I believe you are all confused, you said for yourself “what is he talking about?” I am taking about “The Lost World We Live In”. As a human being, we are authorized to live happily in this world. But we didn’t get it. We don’t know where the problem comes from, but we get lot of that cannot be solved by us. If we are united, of course we can solve any kind of problems. Why human beings are not united?-There is a big power that separate us in a different way of management. Have we ever asked ourselves why mankind follow different religion? Why so many countries in the world follow communism, capitalism etc. No body knows. Before we know what life looks like, we pass out.

All mankind, not only we like each other, but we must love each other and If we become strong, then we will be a winner and we can help one another. For example, If we have “One Religion” to follow for all mankind in the world,we will be the winner. How this can happen? We need powerful nominees who can manage the different churches in one direction. The Christian, the Catholic, thr Jews, the Muslim etc. Must come together and discuss in and out to help mankind to live in this world happily.

The separation of religion is not the right way to lead mankind’s life, as we have seen, it is the most dangerous. We need not only religion leaders to get our peace and love, we also need the world leaders to join them. I know, it is very hard to make them together, but who knows, one day or in ten years, my dream comes true.

Don’t forget, we don’t know where we going and we need somebody to show us the right direction.

Workye Zekarge

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