Faith is not easy, but it never was.
Furaha Asani (formerly 'Orisirisi')

October 18, 2016

Dear Orisirisi,

As you said, it is not easy to have Faith as man’s mind never rested for one second. When our body rested all night our minds will be busy with a dream. If our minds do no rest, never accept Faith.

Faith is so power full to lead man’s life and that would be in a different way. If one person cannot have faith with God or with any body, his life would be in a mess. Especially, the world we live in have a big problem to lead our life in the right way and for that reason, we have to be careful to have the right Faith. There are so many religion created by mankind in this world and if one cannot be careful, he will but himself in the wrong direction and will hurt not only his flesh, but also his soul too.

The big question is how one can get the right Faith and the right Religion? It is very hard, but what I believe is one should use his brain to find the right one to lead his life for both his Flesh and Soul. As scientists and philosophers take their time to reach what they want, one should study and compare the differences of the religion what you get from your parents or from your friends etc. Which one will lead your life the right way and fulfill the Law of God. That’s it.

You pushed me to write an Article about Faith and I will try to put everything what my mind lead me.

I would like to thank “” for the opportunity we get to exchange ideas.

Workye Zekarge

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