The Small Round Table

By Workye D. Zekarge

The day was Saturday, it was neither hot or cold but mild and beautiful. That morning I stayed home and felt tired. I shut off my computer and asked my wife if she wants to go out with me walking. She wanted to stay home and finish what she started. So I left home and walked for more than half an hour to the shopping center. As soon as I crossed the road my mind gave me an instruction to drink coffee. I said it is a good idea and keep walking. I saw a lot of people at the Coffee Shop. When I walk in, there was no place to sit. I looked round and saw one chair at the corner with no table; as I felt tired, I went and sat. Next to me there were three men discussing about the presidential candidates, but I couldn’t follow the whole discussion. After I order my coffee, I heard them mentioning the candidates names of both the Republicans and Democrats.

I saw one of the three men kept his eyes on me. I didn’t give him any attention but I was watching him with my hidden eye. He kept his eyes on me and all of a sadden he said “Hi! — brother! — you are alone there sitting by yourself, would you like to join us?”. From his invitation, an old saying click my mind “it is always good to listen to people”, my father used to say. I was fast enough to respond ‘Oh! thank you’ I said and accepted the invitation, pull my chair and joined the group. “The Small Round Table” was not good enough for four of us, but we managed and as the same time we exchanged our names.

One of them looked at me and said “we are discussing about politics, not about life or love, whom do you think the next president would be?

‘I am not sure, it is very hard to say and I have never thought about it, would you please keep on discussing what you started so that I may have the chance to follow.’

They continued discussing about the candidates mentioning their names and their experiences. From their discussion, I concluded that these three young people are intelligent e, I said to myself. One of them gave me a smile and said “How about now, would you like to comment, we want to here from you, who do you think the next president would be in the White House to lead our country safely?

To answer the question I took my time, I thought about it and said, ‘To be honest with you, I don’t know, I do not have a different thought than you have, but I can tell you what I think and what I believe. To be the President of the United States, one should be qualified in: (1) Internal management, Government policies, should know very well about the constitution (2)One should be able to know the life of the poor and the life of the middle class and know their needs and benefits to lead their lives happily (3) Most of all his/her foreign policies knowledge and decision should be of utmost important. If one of them have accomplished the above factors and elected, we can say America will retain her super power positions now and in the future. Don’t forget, the World we live in is messed up and we need a president who has sufficient experience in the life of mankind and have good heart to solve the problem of his people and the rest of the world, what do you say?’ I asked them.

One of them was fast to reply, “you are absolutely right, this is what we believe too, but it is very hard to pick one out of them — ”

‘I know it is very hard to pick,’ I said, ‘because those who are elected supports their parties, it shouldn’t be that way. We have seen a lot and we have enough history; those who are elected as President, or Congress, Republicans and Democrats, all works for their parties. Every one of them should work for the people of America not for their parties. This time, as you know we have good candidates, if we elect one, I hope they will remain responsible to full fill their jobs right.’ I said and keep quiet. None of them respond.

I looked at them one by one and said,‘I have a different IDEA which I wanted to share with you; this is about Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. If she is elected, America will have unforgettable History not only she is the first woman president, but there is something hidden history. Right now you may have a unique question in your mind, saying “What is he talking about?”. If you look at it and think deeply, America or any other country in the world have never been governed by a husband and wife. What if means, her husband President Clinton was one of the presidents we have and now if Mrs. Hillary Clinton his wife elected and become a President, this kind of legacy never happened in the world, and America would be the first country to be governed by husband and wife and both are alive. When he was a President, she was in his shoe, watching him day and night, sharing the problem and feeling the pain. If she is elected president now, he feels the same. Before and after his presidency, she managed to put herself in different positions and got enough knowledge. On top of that, Mrs. Clinton worked as United States Senator and she worked as Secretary of State which gave her sufficient knowledge and experience in world affairs and local matters. If she is elected, the knowledge she acquired will help her to manage her responsibility and solve all kinds of problems in and out; what do you say?’

“It is amazing, never comes to my mind” one of them said, “I think it is a good way of thinking — ”

The other man continued “As you said, she has good experience and good heart to stand for her people

and she knows how to solve the world’s problem as she worked as Secretary State”.

“As a matter of fact, America needs a president who has the determination and leadership skills and I believe she has it all.” said the other man.

‘I believe so, she can make a big change.’ I said and invited them to have a drink. All of us ordered beer

And continue our discussion. The first man who invited me to join them gave us a smile and said,“if we come up to these kind of discussion and understanding each other, I have an IDEA, you gays I love you, we discussed a lot and we learned a lot. Let us keep this meeting once a month and discuss politics, social life and the value of LOVE. You never know, we may be able to find solution for a lot of problems that never been solved in the human race. What do you say?”

‘I thing it is a good idea, let me add some more idea to support you; we may write Articles and submit to local News Paper so that people can read his/her stories, problems and learn day to day and can enjoy it.’ I said.

All of us agreed, and exchanged phone numbers to decide the date for our future meeting on the “Small Round Table”

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