From Barack to Bono, the social investment fund is no longer about people over profit
Jeff Mowatt

Although the title is very interesting; i found the article cumbersome to read. So I have to read it again. That said I think it is still astonishing that money is always dripped onto the citizen via means of others. Social enterprise is increasingly becoming unconvincing as social. An whole industry made over the head of others. As if paternalistic said the people in the Ukraine because of war suddenly lost their ability to normally make choices that personally benefit them. As if war makes you dumb. While billions of dollars can legally vaporizer with every crises it is about time to consider custom made personal bail out schemes. In such a way that it oils the exchange of action. Too often it is forgotten that institutional structures themselves hamper recovery. When WEF asked on Twitter why we didn’t recycle cigarette butts; it is precisely that. No one permits or asks the fungi, bacteria and other tiny creatures to do their work. They are free to adapt and create wellbeing amongst themselves. Everything has its use and purpose. No money needed. So what is wrong with the whole industry? It does not create the repositories and peer reviewed knowledge of people helping themselves. Especially low tech, easily available solutions. Those that work with little money while creating time to build the solutions that are fancy and expensive. I believe there is a big gap between social thought on top level within the enterprise and at the bottom. It is time to fix that. It is probably the most scary scenario. People making their own decisions. Than the question becomes how to market products that help you generate money instead of market products that only makes you a consumer and does not aid in increasing ones welfare level. That is answering the question what we’ll being is. Goods versus actualization of the self. Can we buy ourselves out of poverty? No we need to create our personal ecosystem out of poverty. Inputs, outputs and our own transformations. I would almost say the economic right to freely exchange.Too much in an economic system is protectionism. #onRecovery #unpolishedThoughts