Important Factors To Consider Before Getting A Child’s Custody

After a divorce or a legal separation of a couple, the most heated of all the issues is the custody of their child. Who would get to take the liability?

If you are facing such an issue with your child and spouse too, you have all the rights to consult a good child support lawyer in San Diego or any other place.

However, before you consult an expert law attorney for any such case, there are some important considerations which you need to keep in mind. Some of these are as follows:

· The inclination and mindset of the child (if he/she is mature or adult)

· The physical, mental and economic conditions of the parties involved.

· The permission of parents (if the child is being adopted by a third party)

· The past family conditions and the violence involved (if any)

· The relationship of the child with each of the parent

· What favorable living conditions could each of the parents provide to the child

Apart from these important ones, there are several other factors that need a cool-mind deliberation, before you file a suit to get the custody of a child.

And the best you could do is consult a good child support attorney for your assistance. For instance, if you reside in San Diego, the child support services of the region could always be the most fruitful sources to obtain assistance.

Sole Custody vs. Joint Custody:

In a child support case, there could be normally two kinds of outcomes:

· Sole Custody: In this, the court allows only one of the parent to take primary care of the child, including how he/she is to be raised, the future plans, the school-related decisions and medical procedures etc. However, sole custody does not intend to snatch the rights of the other parent. In fact, it simply means that the parents are not fit to work together as co-parents.

· Joint Custody: Joint custody refers to a case when both the parents are entitled to share the responsibilities of child/children, including all the major and minor decisions of their life. The child still lives with only a single parent (known as the custodial parent), but the non-custodial or non-residential parent too has the full right to get on with the child.

In any such case, knowing all the aspects of the prevalent conditions and the possible outcomes is absolutely necessary. And you could get no better assistance than a proficient child support lawyer backing your case.

Whether you consult legal separation lawyers in San Diego, or the child support attorneys, you need to provide full details of your case and keep track of advices of the attorney.

And no wonder, this could help you solve even the most intricate cases without much efforts from your side.