Conflict Resolution in the time of COVID-19

Risk Minimizers (“Minnies”)

Risk Balancers (“Ballys”)

  1. Diehard Bally. Their experience of life in small group isolation is just not worth the lack of infection risk.
  2. Lacking something crucial. This type of Bally is facing infection risk to avoid other terrible things: depression, bankruptcy, job loss, and other ill health for example. If these people found a way of getting what they need in isolation, like a loved one living with them or a well-paying government stipend, they might become more of a Minnie.
  3. Ballys that value a specific thing very much. For example, freedom. Or more concretely, caring for others (even for people that have the virus itself!). They take on the risk to do what feels right and important.

Conflict Time!


We’re all figuring this out

Writing things that speak for themselves

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Marie La

Marie La

Writing things that speak for themselves

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