How I got a Hungry Jacks feast for $1

Most people that know me will know that I like to make my coin stretch as far as I can. When I found myself outside a Hungry Jacks with a $1 coin and ready for a meal I couldn’t resist.


  • $1 coin
  • Smartphone

First order of business, give the HJ’s Shake and Win app a go:

Free regular fries… not bad, still, I gotta push this further, and I’ve still got the $1 coin.

2nd step: cash in on the free BBQ Cheeseburger offer for filling out the feedback survey at the bottom of the receipt, which I did while munching on some fries. So far: 1x Regular Fries, and 1x BBQ Cheeseburger without spending a cent.

Now to top everything off, I finally spent the $1 coin on a Frozen Fanta Mango, which in turn yields yet another receipt for cashing in a BBQ Cheeseburger.

The day’s total: 2x BBQ Cheeseburger, 1x Regular Fries, 1x Frozen Fanta Mango for $1

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