Why The iPhone X Tells the World Apple is Running out of Ideas
Chris Herd

People, just like you, have been writing awful write-ups about Apple and their products for decades. They said the original iMac was a bust. It wasn’t. They said the iPod was too late to market. It changed how the world consumed music. Steve Ballmer and others said the iPhone was too expensive and that no businesses would buy it.

He was wrong. By a huge margin.

For decades now, many people who have never run a multinational tech company (and a few that have) have chosen to believe that they can out-think, out-plan and out-design Apple. They‘ve all been wrong. And so are you.

If you want Apple to own Spotify, Tesla AND Netflix, then you’re demonstrating that you’ve not been paying attention to how Apple does business or how they’ve grown. Apple engineers elegant and simple-to-use products and have a streamlined product matrix, a strategy that Jobs employed when he came back to the company. Then, when they act, they can do so in a decisive manner.

Thank goodness you’re not at the helm. No offense, but you might want to… wait for it:

Think Different.


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