This the digital era has brought amazing technology and with that a lot of uncertainty for a lot of…
Maria L Mendez Flores

Thanks for the great note, Maria. You sound like a well-educated and digitally-literate woman, so I’m stoked that you dropped me a line. A few thoughts in response.

  1. “Any hacking attempt can be repelled by a managed firewall”: not true, right? Much hacking can be repelled by a managed firewall but not “any hacking”, so it’s important that we don’t overstate the power of a firewall, please. This is especially important when dealing with the average person’s tech skills.
  2. Most folks don’t know how to set up a blacklist or whitelist, let alone an entire firewall, so I don’t approach my technical columns from that perspective. I approach from the perspective of “what would the common person understand and be willing to implement?”. Firewalls may be great for the corporate IT team or prosumer, but it’s not for the average user. This is why I recommend other solutions (such as OpenDNS or NetNanny) in this piece and still others in my larger tech series on Medium called “The Firewall”.
  3. Lastly, the focus of this piece wasn’t cyber-security: it was about using common sense parenting priorities when there’s tech in the home.

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