What’s new with Google I/O 2016

It is always exciting every year when tech-world eagerly awaits what number of blogs and channels forecast on technology world change and what Google offers with bundle of more surprises! Same is the time this year when Google invited 7000 on venue and millions of viewers from China, Dublin, India and other countries watching live streaming online not to miss what is Latest! No wonder why timezone really doesnt matter when curiosity and technology are passion!

Power of Machine Learning theory and AI were the top two factors applied to most of the products Google announced with I/O 2016.

Google Assistant — A Powerful & Intelligent Google Voice

“Ok Google” is everyone’s favorite across the world and it is no more chatter box. Google has bundled it with their billions of data and with that voice commands are made anthropomorphic. Apart from usual and simple search queries like weather, traffic or wiki info of general things, Google has made it in user contextual based on the information asked like on friday evening one would want to plan weekend and ask Google “which movie is being showed in theaters”, “which movie would be good to see with kids”, “how many tickets needed” are the follow ups intelligent replies by Google and it ends with “successful confirmation with payment”.

Google Home

In the emerging world of IOT and with thousands of solutions proliferating with smart homes and cars, how can Google remain behind without its own product. Google Home is a great smart voice command activitated device launched by Google which will make Home indeed a “Smart Home”. Again the power of machine learning and Massive data Google have applied beautifully to make this product work more like user’s Information companion. Integration of info instantly bundled with user’s gmail and other google apps were great demonstration based on user’s questions. Amazon Echo is going to have tough competition with this product especially when Google has been very mindful in sleek and luxury design of the “Google Home” hardware appearance.

With this device, it is a big potential for Google to interlink their devices apart from smartphones like Google TV, Car, chrome cast, wear and it can extend the existing platform with bunch of other applications.

Allo — Google Messaging App & Duo — Google Video Call App

Conceptually both products Allow and Duo are not new and would have tough time in competing with most popular apps like whatsapp, skype on similar use case however, Google has to sprinkle extra flavor of sauce in terms of powering them with more features and what can be better than artificial intelligence there!

The look and feel of both these apps are pretty cool and the good part is these apps are offered for both iOS and Android.

Allo saves lot of typing time for end user while offering intelligent answer options for instant select based on what user’s message context. Google will trap this conversation with all other data it has collected for chatting people and Allo will use it to save time for user and give better intuitive experience to users however, with this too Google has launched Cognito mode feature here where it claims not to hook into the app for respecting user’s privacy and assure security.

Duo is a video call app with new feature called “Knock Knock” which shows video of a caller to called even before called person receives the call. The whole call experience is seamless and UI clarity seems pretty good.

Android N — Name — World propose and Google chose

Submit Name of your choice for Android N

Google kept it open this time to let the name suggested for its latest Android OS version on any desert flavor starting from N.

N preview release was announced in April 2016 and most of the features are same as preview but Google claims it to be the Best OS version till date.

Android N Key Features — https://developer.android.com/preview/api-overview.html

Google is the first platform to offer Unicode — 9 support and 72 emogji icons support from plain vanilla flavor.

Android N JIT compiler is the fastest with 75% faster app installation and 50% reduction in compiled code size. This is going to be a big boon for heavy and offline content rich applications with huge code and going to save a lot of time and improve user experience.

A simple feature like “Clear All” applications was a big demand which is offered in this version though majority of OEMs offer with customized Android.

FireBase — App Analytics Engine

This is a free and unlimited application analytics engine announced by Google which went live on May 18 itself with all rich benefits mentioned.

Not sure what will happen to “Google Analytics” an existing solution but definitely acquisition of Firebase and this engine offers much more in the space of APM (Application Performance Management) and Analytics

Android Wear 2.0 — StandAlone & Offline

Android wear is not required to be paired with android phones all the time now. Wear can function with standalone apps too. Miniature swipe-based Keyboard, customizable watch faces, integration with Google Fit and smart reply options make the overall experience of android wear more cooler from cool gadgets.

This again is a steal of thought from apple watch apps announced by Apple in WWDC 2015 but this was much awaiting and expected anyways on the roadmap of Android wear.

DayDream — Virtual Reality Platform

With Android N, DayDream will allow developers to create virtual reality applications with high quality and minimal hardware dependencies on phones hardware. Google has already partnered with bunch of OEMs like Samsung, , LG, HTC, Huawei and may others in this space to create the best possible hardware capable of running VR apps. Google is introducing “Controller” device and “Headset” for VR apps. No wonder if users can enjoy being in Space while experiencing apps in virtual reality.

Daydream is called as “VR Mode” from Android N feature list. Beyond a hardware, the platform provides whole eco system for developers to be imaginary and provide abundant varities of VR apps.

Instant Running Apps — Installation — not required

This is one of the most amazing and imaginative thought. “Instant Run” lets user to access part of application without fully downloading or installing the application.

There are bunch of apps going to be redundant on millions of smartphones today which are left unused after one or two times usage. Good demoes were showcased like user being able to pay through NFC by tapping android phone at mall’s parking lot without parking app, user being able to browse recipe video and matterial without installing recipe app. Again this is not default and developers need to modularize their apps to offer this feature but the development effort seems very small for this.

Google Cloud Platform

Google Cloud Engine Offerings

Google emphasized on usage and promotion of Machine Learning. TensorFlow is then open source GitHub library for providing machine intelligence and it is one of the area focus for Google. Along, Google is offering some more APIs to strengthen computing and instant speech translations.

Overall Google’s new products announcements, data analytics and the performance optimization with upgraded features on existing products look the world of digital moving with much promising pace in technical world where Google is trying to be continuous gateway between user context and data through all possible channels.

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