Introducing Messly Jobs — A better way to find medical jobs


Today we’re launching Messly Jobs - a better way to find medical jobs in the NHS.

As of 2019, 6 out of 10 doctors are leaving full-time training after only two years working within the NHS. Most go on to do short-term locum work, take up longer-term clinical fellow posts or work abroad. It’s clear there is a strong desire from the medical workforce to work more flexibly — taking time out of training programmes is no longer the exception, it’s the status quo. However the infrastructure to support the movement of doctors within the NHS and outside it is still playing catchup. When it comes to find jobs, UK doctors are stuck in the dark ages.

The most popular portal we currently use is NHS Jobs. Whilst it provides a breadth of roles, the lack of innovation in the website is self-evident — the search experience is poor, the mobile experience non-existent and the application process cumbersome, resulting in an underwhelming experience. On the flip side, hospitals are inundated with inappropriate candidates due to poor qualifying processes for international candidates and a lack of information on the job listings. Consequently, doctors are missing out interesting opportunities whilst hospitals are forced to rely on locums to fill longer-term roles.

This is why we created Messly Jobs. In the age of AirBNB, Uber and Deliveroo — discovering medical jobs on our phone needs to be a simpler, faster and frankly, more beautiful experience. As a team of doctors, product experts, designers and developers — we wanted to reimagine the search and discovery experience for finding work as a doctor, building off the successful design principles from our Training Navigator, which has been used by over 20,000 doctors since launching in 2016.

Here’s a snapshot of what we’ve done to build a better job discover experience for doctors:

1. A better search and discovery experience

In response to feedback from doctors, one of the most critical challenges we’ve addressed with Messly Jobs is creating a beautiful search and discovery experience for jobs from your phone.

We’ve made it effortless to pinpoint your job search by grade, specialty and location on your phone. Whether it’s a Neonatology Registrar jobs in Cambridge, or a Cardiology SHO role in Devon, finding the perfect role is now only 3 clicks away.

Our engineering team have worked hard to make the app blistering fast on your phone — with average search times of <500ms and instant page loading for all job listings and applications.

In addition to better search, one of the biggest challenges doctors face in the application process is simply knowing whether they are suitable or not to apply for the role. The specific requirements are often found in the depths of a PDF or Word Document, making the process of finding a dream job extremely inefficient.

Our team have worked tirelessly to pull out this data from NHS job listings, so all Messly job listings include a clear job specification and essential requirements for the role, including exams, years of experience and qualifications. Doctors will instantly know whether they are suitable for the role.

2. Better insights into your next role

On average, doctors move hospitals 10 times during their NHS careers. One of the most common complaints is the severe lack of information available to make informed choices in choosing roles. In 2016, we launched the Training Navigator to help junior doctors to make data-driven decisions when it comes to choosing training programmes. We’ll be bringing these valuable insights to Messly Jobs, by integrating data from the latest GMC survey and over 3,000 reviews from the Messly Community into every job listing, to give doctors a richer picture of what it’s like working in a hospital department.

It’s also the small things that matter. What’s the cost of living in the area? How long is the commute? How does the salary compare? These things really matter when you’re committing to a new job. Through tapping into multiple data sources, including the Messly Community, we’ll help you answer these questions during your job discovery.

3. All medical jobs under one roof

There are thousands of exciting opportunities available to doctors inside and outside the hospital, yet we spend hours trawling through Google to find the best ones, often hidden away on niche websites. Our vision is to bring all these medical opportunities under one roof, wrapped with a beautiful and personalised search experience, so your next opportunity is always at your fingertips.

We’re starting off by aggregating all medical hospitals jobs in the NHS, launching today with over 1600 hospital jobs. We’ll soon branching out to include exciting opportunities outside the hospital, GP jobs, opportunities abroad and curated non-clinical roles for doctors who want to dip their toes outside medicine.

4. A more personalised service

As doctors our skills are incredible valuable but too often we’re made to feel like another cog in the machine when we’re applying for new roles. With the launch of Messly Jobs, we’ll be providing a personalised concierge service, where our doctor-led team spend time to understand your individual needs as a doctor, including your specific job preferences and desires, and will suggest only the most suitable roles for you. No more spam with jobs that don’t meet your requirements

5. A better deal for doctors

As doctors, we’re known for being bad negotiators. We don’t know that we can earn more, get a better deal on our rota, or have dedicated education time included in our job spec, because we’re too afraid to ask! Our expert team will help guide doctors through the application process from start to finish — getting you the best salaries, on-call commitments and educational opportunities.

Just the beginning…

These innovations are just the start of our mission to provide NHS doctors with online access to the best medical opportunities. We’ve got an exciting roadmap planned over the coming months including bringing together a wider-range of opportunities, a richer application flow and personalised alerts and suggestions.

As with all our products at Messly we are led by the wants and needs of doctors, so we’d love to hear from you on what would make finding a medical job easier for you. Get in touch with our team at

Dr Abrar Gundroo

Co-Founder @ Messly


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