‘Amazing’ would be an understament. I’m shook.


I drove about 5 hours to be there with three of my closest friends. The road trip is always the best part, but not when it came to this adventure. (Since I was running off three hours of sleep the night before.) Once we arrived at 10am, parking was super easy to find. We had to pay $35, but welcome to LA. The line to get our passes was outside, in the sun. I thought my pasty self was going to burn and be miserable. Yet the line moved rather fast. We were outside for maybe 10 minutes, before we knew it, we were handed our badges and ready to go inside. The wait to go actually inside, was not a long wait. But there was a crowd because Alaska Thunderfuck 5000, was preparing her grand entrance.

She was surrounded by half naked men, with horse masks on, sitting on a gold throne, her dress was some dollar bill realness. Head to two, in money. From a green lip, to green eye shadow, to green nails, she was ready to flaunt. (Unfortnently I wasn’t able to snap a pic, because it was just so fast.)

Once we were enjoying the displays put on for the fans, we quickly learned that in order to meet the queens, and participate in some shopping, you’d have to wait in line and have amazing patience. Besides just walking around and bumping into some known queens, you were going to have to wait.

I had ran into Sharron Needles, and Jinkx Monsoon to name a couple.

She was a delight. She didn’t have a booth that made fans wait forever. She was just casually walking around and enjoying everything, with everyone. Very sweet person. She had told me, “Of course I’ll take a picture with you, I want a picture with everyone!”

Clearly she was sporting some kind of Harry Potter Realness. Walking around with a wand and serving it all over the place. She later was spotted singing acapella by the Rupaul Dragcon red carpet. (Which anyone was aloud to walk the carpet and take pictures with some well known queens, or not so well known queens.)

After losing my friends for a few minutes, I was lucky enough to run into Shea Couleé. Who was super sweet, and just a lovely person. She was stunning in person. With her teal wig and her beige dress with matching heel. They were selling her pins, which I was blessed enough to grab all of them, and some signed prints that she had signed the night before. (VIA IG LIVE.)

I had asked her, “You win don’t you?” and she replied with her finger over her mouth, “Shhhhh.” She was just so beautiful! I’m still a little shook about it all. If i’m going to be completely honest.

Shea Couleé

Once I regrouped up with my friends, we did a little bit of shopping at this point. One of my friends, went to go stand in line to meet Katya, (which she waited about 3 hours to meet.)

I didn’t buy anything at this point, because I wanted to spend money on the queens. And buy some prints for them to sign, even pins and maybe something special if I saw it and wanted it. My friends grabbed some beer at the bar that was located right outside, and inside the convention. I didn’t wanna drink, because once I start, I wouldn’t stop. I’m just that messy.

I had the privilege to get my head slapped by Latrice’s boobs, which she then apologized for. But it was fine, babe. You a big girl, you can’t help it.

Thorgy Thor

Thorgy was amazing. She told me that I was the cutest thing she has ever seen. And that if I came alone for me to sit with her, and hang out. I told her my friends were around her somewhere. Then she went to tell me, “Don’t leave!! You’re so handsome!!”

She was also very sweet, and took the time to talk for a second. Thorgy really cared about the fans, and the conversations she was having with them.

Right before we were about to leave and get ready to head home. Becasue we were so burnt out, I ran into Aja, who had just started her booth. She was beautiful!!! After getting back lash on the internet for her skin texture, I really related to her. Growing up with acne pretty much all my life, only in my 20’s did my face clear up and I was lucky enough to not have any scars. Aja was just beautiful!! She was amazing to meet. So sweet, and make up was amazing. her purple wig gave me life, and I live for it.


When we were done, we then met up with my friend who waited 3 hours for Katya, to see that she was front in line, and saved up spots. Because she didn’t wanna do it alone. When I say, huge fan. I mean huge huge huge fan. Katya gives her life, with everything and anything she does.

Katya was very funny. Once my friend walked up, she had a Trixie shirt on, over a Katya shirt.

Friend: I have Trixie on the front, but I have you underneath close to my heart. (Lifts shirt to show her.) I just look better in black.

Katya: HAHA Oh My God. Friendship reveal! I like it this way too, so if you get shot tonight, she dies first.

Friend: HAHA good point.

(I Take The Pictures.)

Friend: Oh my god, I just touched your wig. I’m sorry.

Katya: (Whispers) No, it touched you.

It was my time to take a picture, and it was kinda rushed, but I’m happy my friend got to meet, who she wanted to. The only thing Katya told me, was, “My advice to you is, ‘Don’t ever trust a gay man, who drinks Gatorade.” I’ll will take this to the grave.

(Pics Below)


That ended our trip, and it was just amazing. I’m def going again next year. Only i’m going to pay the extra $100 to do the VIP, and meet them all the day early, and not be pushed or rushes, or wait in lines for half the trip. All-n’all Dragcon is for the Fans, and the Fans are for Dragcon.


Aja had retweeted the picture of us today. I’m still shook.

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