Equipping the Workplace Test Solution with Ultra Efficacy

System testing fixtures are composed of a Profile that is embedded with a number of capabilities. The Profile is designed to accommodate all instrumentation, connectivity and illumination while leaving room for expansion through addition of extra functionality. Automated test systems product elneos packs a solid degree of flexibility over the fundamental elements of control and safety. In a key design feature of the product, the profile is freed up from its load-bearing function which is assigned to a connector that does the job of linking the test bench to the table. This is smart design at its effective best as the inherent job of the system is separated from the structural efficacy that is as much necessary for effortless test and measurement.

Test systems with just the right level of lighting

The illumination feature of elneos connect can be ramped up or lowered. Even better, the colour of luminosity can itself be varied. This variation is carried out by the system itself through sensors that are deployed to deliver adaptable lighting. Add an indication lamp to depict the functional state of the process and you have smart work place systems that are in a separate league.

Variable Test Bench Profile

The profile can be expanded to raise the level of your work place test solution. This feature is enabled by a hydraulic mechanism and the separation of the profile from the table by the connector. There is no limit on the extent of the vertical extension. A long side piece of the work place test solution has a round chamber with hydraulic cylinders for adjusting the height of the table. If there is a problem with undulations in the floor, this long side piece can be used to overcome it through the addition of an adjuster for the purpose.

New device series for test and measurement

The electronic version of the basic elneos connect table is outfitted with 3 HE aluminum channel and with the elneos five device system. The elneos five system can have a maximum of 32 devices connected. At any moment, six devices can be operated upon. The display of the system is seven inches in size. Automated test systems are ramped up in terms of range of control with five fingers contacting and controlling devices in the elneos five series. The technology that delivers this versatility of control is protective capacitive touch technology. There is no more turning of knobs with your test systems.

Display element robustness creates a sound work place test solution

Glass that is break-proof gives the display a solid foundation which is further enhanced with features of resistance to any impact from pointed objects. You can rest assured that the glass is capable of handling finger operated routines without even any marginal wear and the related effects of aging. The elneos five device series makes smart work place systems go the distance and deliver an ultra-efficient test bench. The device system can also be installed on existing table series from erfi. For more information visit :- http://www.messungerfi.com/