Messung Erfi Takes Test & Measurement to the Next Level

Two decades ago, testing a phone meant getting a signal. Today, the design, test and production of a mobile device involve an entire ecosystem of functionality, applications and technology, resulting in a necessarily different approach to test.

Messung ERFI- Elneos connect

The world is increasingly software oriented, and the way we interact with devices is changing. Smartphones, set top boxes and even automobiles are now defined by their embedded software. According to consulting firm, Frost & Sullivan, mega trends such as connected living, big data, smart cities and wearable computing will drive the future of the communications test equipment market, as software technologies and connectivity become more pervasive and the complexity of smart devices, networks and applications create the need for customized testing and monitoring solutions.

No wonder that the electronic Testing & Measurement (T&M) equipment industry is expanding as never before. Messung-Erfi, a company with three decades of experience in designing and manufacturing electronic products in India now serve the electronics industry in the domain of Test and Measuring workstations. Messung in partnership with Erfi GmbH based in Germany, has over 50 years of experience in the planning, development and manufacturing of ergonomic workplace systems, T&M devices and test equipment. Now, Messung in association with Erfi GmbH has launched German-make high quality Test & Measurement Solutions in India — for R&D labs, testing labs, manufacturing departments and training centers spread across many industry verticals.

Messung-Erfi’s flagship products for Indian electronics laboratories are Elneos connect and Elneos five.

Messung Erfi — Elneos Five

The working man spends approximately 86,400 hours at his workplace.This fact makes it clear that we need workplace systems that make the people happy, efficient and also protect his health and mobility. Ergonomics function and design motivates people.

With understanding the fact, Messung-Erfi presents the new Elneos connect series in India with application in many sectors such as R&D labs, testing labs, manufacturing departments, training centers and across many industry verticals.

Comprehensive innovations with 5 German Patent applications characterize the new Test and measuring workplace system, Elneos connect. The profile system, the specially designed frames and the workplace lighting are only a few of the newly developed elements.

Elneos connect ensures high flexibility due to its basic profile, the L-aluminum profile which can accept additional profiles for the most different applications. The perfected profile system allows the incorporation and uninterruptible guiding of the cables, as well as the connection to the overall table and bridge which allows continuous installation of devices both vertically and horizontally. The central design and connecting element of the system are the connectors that links the table leg and the framework and is, thus, able to guide media of any kind. The device cockpit is particularly light and extremely flexible and compatible for the installation of 19” device systems. The working height adjustment guarantees unequaled high stability by means of strong hydraulic cylinders which lifts the complete table construction.

The weight-carrying capacity of this revolutionary programmable workstation table in India is 600 kgs while the cockpit weight-carrying capacity is 125 kgs.

The new device series Elneos five is operated by contact with up to 5 fingers and has 5 electronic devices — regulating power supply units, digital multimeter, energy meters, functional generators and arbitrary waveform generators.

The Elneos five devices can be operated in 3 different modes. The single mode as stand-alone device, the multi-mode and the multi expand-mode with 19“additional plug-in units. Thereby, it offers the highest flexibility for operating a modern laboratory.

The control panel of Elneos five controls up to 7 devices simultaneously, and another 8 plug-in units with maximum 4 devices can be connected at the left and right-hand side. This means that up to 32 devices can be controlled.

The end-to-end break-proof, anti-finger print glass front, touch-screen panel of Elneos five is completely equipped with capacitive technology, making it very solid, scratch-safe and vandal-safe.

Other features of elneos five include quick and low-cost calibration by integrated calibrating routines, safe-guard function with limiter to control the situation, password protection for access and re-start, and data logger that visualizes measured data. The connectors with innovative ring lighting ensure optimal user guidance, eliminating faulty contacting.

Messung Erfi has anticipated tomorrow’s challenges today and redefined the standards of Test &Measurement to serve the Indian Electronics industry.It is uniquely positioned to capitalize on the growing opportunities of the industry and be a preferred partner, for clients in R&D labs, testing labs, Manufacturing departments and training centers spread across Defense, Education, Telecom, Electronics & other industry verticals. More information visit:-

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