Kristi Coulter

I’ve been in the position where drinking was more of an escape hatch than a luxury, so I understand the crux of this article, but the constant judgement towards other women was a head-scratcher to me. Many alcoholics surround themselves with people who are worse-off than they are so that they can pat themselves on the back and say, “See? My life isn’t so bad,” or “Everybody does it.” Maybe when you’re more comfortable in your sobriety you’ll give a little mental leeway to the women who celebrate life, bridal showers, and new babies — with or without alcohol.

This article makes me grateful for a job that I love where I am treated fairly, a husband who does the dishes and the laundry, and the half-glass of wine that I enjoyed with dinner last night not as an escape from my terrible life, but because it complimented the filet that was the first thing I’ve cooked in six months.

Best of luck.

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