Curating content for Twitter Part 1

An important part of building a social media audience is being able to keep tweeting interesting and relevant content day in and day out. I run a twitter account called @zonefocusnet which I use to present curated content from around the web on street photography. It is a great way for me to find and read content and I love sharing it with the streettog community.

I thought I would share how I collect, curate and post this content. There is quite a bit to the process (but the actual implementation does not take that long at all) so I will spread it over a number of posts.

The tools

One of the key items in keeping @zonefocusnet going is consistency with regards to sharing content. There are a number of free and inexpensive tools to help you do just that.

The tools that I use to keep the twitter feed going are:

  1. Reeder for the Mac and iOS

3. Google saved keyword searches

4. Safari on both the Mac and iOS

5. Reading List on both the Mac and iOS synced via iCloud

6. Pocket on both the Mac and iOS

7. Tweetbot for both the Mac and iOS

8. Buffer for iOS and the Buffer extension for Safari

It simply a matter of putting all of these tools together into a workflow that lets me collect, read, select, queue up, engage and follow.

Next time I will present how I use the tools noted above. I hope this series can give you some insight into how this stuff works — it ain’t rocket science.