Are We Safe on Social Media?

Using social media has been the most popular thing, ever since internet became available world wide. We use it for sharing our moments, ideas, photos, events etc. Basically, everything about us is on social media even if you do not use it. We can say that we all have an ID there. This ID can be used for applying to jobs, schools and lots of things that we cannot even imagine. But how about the safety of this ID? Are we safe enough on social media?

The news about the technology companies such as Google, Facebook etc. and how they use our data that make us think twice when we share something on social media. For example, just being connected with someone on social media, especially on Facebook, let us know what job this person has, the genre of music, videos, events, photos that this person likes. We can literally learn lots of things about his/her life. Actually, even worse by giving your phone number to someone, you allow she/he to reach out your social media profiles which pretty much show all about your life.

Even though, these companies have taken some actions to make the platforms more secure, the way that people use social media does not make them secure. For example, Facebook has privacy settings which show every detail of the profile as default and if you want to change it, you have to check the privacy settings but most of the people do not do it.

Whatsapp, Google, Facebook Messenger etc., started to encrypt our data but are they really doing for the right purpose? Actually the question is should we believe this? Well, in my opinion we should not. As the policies of companies change quite suddenly, we may not realize how much information we let these platforms to have about us. Therefore, we should give limited data about us on these platforms for our own safety because we never know where and when something on these platforms will create a trouble for us.

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