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— -How to install metamask wallet?


— -How to select Rinkeby Test Network in Metamask wallet?

Before you start beta game ,you need to get beta test coin(reth)

How to get the test token(reth)?

1) Open this website link( )to get the test coin,Currently we are on test net. Users need to tweet to get test tokens. Click “make a tweet “and redirect to Twitter.

2)Paste the automatically generated message with your Ethernet address and post it. The tweet will look like this

”Requesting facet funds into xxxx(your own ETH wallet address) on the #metaxgames #Gamefi test Token"

3) Copy the tweet link back to the MetaXgame faucet page and paste it to get the test token tab then click “Give me Token”.

4)Check your Metamask wallet to make sure you get the test coin Reth(please don’t forget to change your wallet net to Rinkeby test net).

5) Once the mainnet is officially launched, you can go to the DEX like Uiswap to buy the token.

After you get the test coin ,you can link the Metamask wallet to MetaX game ,and then start your beta game.

1.Select Rinkeby Network — Enter username — Activate

2.Click on the personal information panel to view your personal information

Abilities:1)Space Jump 2)broadcast capability 3)Planets Privilege 4)All abilities,long range attacks

Base attack power and defence power are capped.Player’s extra attack power is obtained through NFT.

Attack power:Capped at 100,000

Defence power:Capped at 100,000

Cooldown time: the time it takes for player before launch next attack.

The NFT props increases the attack and defence caps and reduces the cooldown time.

Rewards: You can click to claim it directly. Rewards are also automatically settled when you teleport between planets and increase attack or defence power.

Hold Rewards: Other players can attack and overtake these rewards. Through attack player can overtake 100% of the opponent rewards. If player directly claim rewards without attack, player can only take 50% of the reward.

Levels: The attack or defence power increased by using X1 token can be converted back to tokens after player liquidate their account but the token base conversion rate is 75%. The conversion rate can be increased by killing other players to gain kill levels. Each kill level increases by 2% to a total of 12 levels. This means that if you have a kill level equal to 12, you get 75% + 24% = 99% token conversion rate when liquidate account.

Requirements for each level

Level 1:Kill = 0;

Level 2:Kill > 0 ,kill <= 10;

Level 3:Kill > 10 ,kill <= 25;

Level 4:Kill > 25 ,kill <= 50;

Level 5:Kill > 50 ,kill <= 100;

Level 6:Kill > 100 ,kill <= 200;

Level 7:Kill > 200 ,kill <= 400;

Level 8:Kill > 400 ,kill <= 800;

Level 9:Kill > 800 ,kill <= 1600;

Level 10:Kill > 1600 ,kill <= 3200;

Level 11:Kill > 3200 ,kill <= 6400;

Level 12:Kill > 6400;

3.Broadcast props

Player’s messages with broadcast radio will appear in the whole server as rolling subtitles

4. Select Map in the bottom right corner to see the 7 planets. You were born on the planet Pandora. You can buy

5.planets here.

Buying planets: Each planet has a different yield. The smaller the yield, the higher the return and the further the distance. Conversely, the higher the yield, the smaller the gain and the closer the distance.

Rewards calculation: Planet rewards is : Yield per minute = (Base Attack / Planet Peace Index).

From birth planet to furthest planet, the yield is (0.5,0.6,0.7,0.8,0.9,1.0,2.0)%. Each successful attack will obtain 50% of the opponent’s rewards. The remaining 50% rewards from the losing player goes into the DAO fund for offline game rewards (e.g. guild rewards, kill rewards, gain rewards, etc.).Without the ability to space jump, you can only teleport one planet at a time from near to far in order. You can obtain space jump ability via NFT. Please check the NFT section for the appropriate NFT props.

6.When buying a planet, the price paid is 1000 higher than the current price.Just like a bidding price system.

7.NFT section: Click on the NFT picture and jump to opensea to buy props.Different props have different abilities. Purchase weapon items to increase your character’s attack and defence power and reduce the cooldown time of your attacks. Buying special props gives you access to special abilities. For example, Star Satellites: player can speak throughout the server and meta universe. Space Totem: Users can teleport interstellar. Lordship credentials: player can purchase planets. Imperial warship: player can speak throughout the server, space jump, long-range strike, and lord credentials access.

8.Player list: You can attack another player and obtain his rewards

Current players — Players, without props, can only attack other players on the same planet. The player’s attack power must be greater than the other player’s to initiate an attack. After a successful attack, the defeated player will be relegated to the lower level of the planet and his rewards will be transferred to winning player’s account.

All players — When you have an Imperial warship, you can attack players on all planets, regardless of distance.

The My Equipment section shows the various NFT equipment player holds.

Please follow the official Twitter for details of the reward distribution.

About Metax Game

Metax is the only fully decentralized, SLG-like PVP blockchain game built on ETH. It is the world’s first fully decentralized PVP game based on Interstellar and Star Wars IP, covering Interstellar teleport and combat, metaverse social networking, interstellar metaverse warships and weapons NFT collectibles. Players can purchase and collect NFT assets in the game and participate in Metax battles to gain a gamified DeFi experience.

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MetaX official

About Metax Game Metax is the only fully decentralized, SLG-like PVP blockchain game built on ETH.