metaCOLLECTIVE DAO [June update]

SOL/USDC price from Mango Markets
SOL/BTC price from FTX



  • We deployed capital in Castle Finance USDC vault. Caste Finance is a yield aggregator that takes into account other parameters than yield, for example utilization rate. Thanks to this smart logic Caste Finance had little capital on Solend during the Whale attack.
  • We deployed capital on Sharky Finance, a platform where users borrow SOL against their NFT as collateral and where we provided SOL.
  • We diminished our exposure to USDT by converting spare funds to USDC
  • We minted our access keys from Crema Finance, where we have been providing liquidity for the last couple of months.
  • Additional deployment of SOL across the stable pools of different yield-farming protocols.
Current % allocation by protocol type



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the first investment DAO on Solana