What is is a crowdfunding platform based on funding from the crypto domain. More specifically, NFTs.

NFTs are non-fungible digital assets. In this sense, they cannot be divided, nor even be distorted.

What interested us in this sense is that each NFT has an origin, a destination and a set of metadata encrypted and registered on a network (blockchain) that makes it tamper-proof.

What do we propose?

What we propose is to participate in the financing of a project by acquiring one of the NFTs in the collection.

What kind of project is financed by this means?

In the first instance, we focus on projects concerning technology, games and the metaverse.

In a second phase, we are focusing on broader areas including energy, transport, ecology, nutrition, industry and the humanities.

How will the funds raised be used?

The funds raised by a collection will be donated as follows:

- 90% to the project behind the collection in exchange for the equivalent of shares or stocks

-10% to

What is my interest in participating in a collection?

Each year, projects that have been funded through NFT sales will pay dividends to These dividends are then paid out as follows

- 90% to the holders of NFTs

-10% to

Knowing that each NFT is attached, by its metadata, to and to a project. It will be easy for us to proceed to the payment of dividends to the holders.

This payment can only be made if you validate the KYC process in your private area. This payment can be made either on your wallet or by Fiat transfer.

Are we really shareholders in these projects or companies?

No. You do not own any shares in the company. It is that holds these shares and stocks.

Part of the company’s articles of association will concern the holders of NFTs attached to the various projects and will stipulate that each holder who has passed the KYC is entitled to the full payment of dividends.

What happens if I don’t want to go through the KYC?

A deadline is provided each year for you to complete the KYC. If you have not been able to complete the KYC by the date submitted, or if you have simply not completed it, the dividends will be included in the result and will not be claimable for the past year.

Will holding the NFT for one year and not holding it on the day of the payout allow me to collect my dividends?

If the KYC process has been validated, and you no longer hold the NFT, you will not be able to collect dividends. If you sell it between the KYC validation deadline and the dividend payment, you will not be able to collect the dividend.

How do you know that I hold an NFT from one of the collections?

In your personal space, you can link your Solana address. If you hold your NFT at this address, an application will validate its presence in our systems, guaranteeing that you do indeed hold the NFT.

When do you plan to initiate the project?

We plan to launch the project in December 2021. It is possible that the launch will continue until January 2022 given the busy roadmap.

What surprises does the roadmap foresee?

We are starting the first phase with the sale of our access keys. An access key and a unique NFT offered by

This NFT can be exchanged for an NFT of one of the future collections, thus guaranteeing you to be a shareholder of a project, thus guaranteeing you to receive the non-pecuniary benefits, and the dividends.

There are two access keys:

- Vanilla: giving the rights mentioned above, exchangeable for vanilla NFTs. Its price is 2 Sols (on Solanna network). There will only be 5'000 of them

- Premium: giving the same advantages as Vanilla, plus a bonus which, depending on the project, is detailed above. Its price is 4 Sols (on network Solanna). There will be only 1'000

To be informed in real time, I invite you to join our discord :

Can we hold shares in

Yes, a special NFT collection is planned for

It includes a collection of 5,000 Vanilla and 1,000 Premium. This will be a collectible card. These cards will give you several advantages:

- Euter eggs will be spread over all the cards. Among these easter eggs, a code will be hidden and a riddle to be solved leading to a treasure hunt, the final prize of which is to own 10% of the company

- Teams will be formed. Depending on the teams, competitions will take place every quarter, allowing you to win prizes and bonuses

- Premium cards will give you early access to the game B.W.U., one of the projects funded exclusively by, as well as a personal plot of land, attached to the game, on the metaverse. The land is worth $1,000.

When will the map sales take place?

The maps will be sold in January, after the launch of and the creation of its community.

Which marketplaces will you be linked to?

We plan to partner with the main marketplaces on Solana. The strategy has not yet been defined, as we want to listen to the community about this, and provide the right opportunity for our ambitions.

What about the price of the floor?

The price of the floor depends mainly on the people who believe in the project. Few NFTs will be offered, and no one in our team has one without buying it.

The recommended resale price is at least double the purchase price. But it is up to each person to evaluate the price. We will not tolerate the floor being below the selling price, and have a floor cleaning policy which we will tell you about later on Discord.

Are you recruiting?

Yes, we are recruiting. Competent people. Ideally able to speak French and English. Ready to invest themselves in this project for the community.

You talked about game and metaverse before… What about it ?

A metaverse is under construction. It is not a game, but a metaverse. It will be accessible to you, without loss of quality, on any device, and will eventually allow you to access all open computer systems.

A game is also under development. A simulation game, “life size”, which will allow you to acquire a companion, a land, skills, to farm … to make your companions evolve … or to let them evolve by themselves, thanks to the influence of the environment on their DNA. We won’t say more about it for now. But … I think you’ll have fun

Who are you?

Without introducing the whole team, there are 3 people behind the project who are public:

- Jonathan Edouard Slama (aka Deltanaute)

- François Richard (aka Franlou)

- Jordan Girardini (aka QzZq)

They are specialised in several fields, such as engineering, finance, marketing, IT development, business, etc.

They will be present on the Discord, so join us!

Discord :

Twitter :



-- is a crowdfunding platform by NFTs, promoting projects on game fields, metaverse and tech.

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