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The community Launch was a huge success and it showed the power of Guilds and the…

Infographic describing the liquid staking mechanism of Meta Pool

The last few days have passed on a blink of an eye and the response from the NEARverse has been amazing.

Not everything worked as planned, as many of you are still having some issues regarding the harvesting of $META, which we wrote on our last blog post. Also we…

Meta Pool has joined the Stablecoin Coallition.

This week we shared with all the Meta Pool community of an NFT Giveaway that we are organizing with OIN Finance. You can read the details here.

Now we want to help the OIN and Meta Pool community understand our perspective on how this partnership will work and have a…

NFT Giveaway from October 4th to October 10th 2021

Even though summer is over, things are getting heated in October as we get closer to finishing 2021 with a bang!

We announced last week that we will be working with the OIN Finance to enable stNEAR token holders to deposit their digital assets as collateral and get stUSD stablecoin.

Join us on our Discord for the AMA’s on Oct 4th and 9th

Collaboration is key in the DeFi ecosystem and we are happy to finally be revealing what many in the NEAR Team community have asked and our fellow MIPs (Meta Important Poolers) have requested — integration with a decentralized Automated Market Maker (AMM).

We just celebrated our 1st month with an…

stNEAR will be supported as collateral on OIN Finance

The next part of our launch on NEAR Protocol is to give utility to our main token which is stNEAR. After many of you have been asking in our Discord and Twitter, we have discussed with the Meta Pool community how stNEAR is the perfect collateral token.

Well the 😼…

AMA with Meta Pool & NEAR Wallet team hosted by Human Guild

We are now in the last week of our Community Launch and these past three weeks has been quite a ride. We are ending the second week with close to 3.2 million NEAR tokens in Total Value Locked (TVL).

So for this last week of the Community Launch we are…

Infographic on the first 24hrs of Meta Pool by the NEAR Daily team

The last 48 hours have been amazing, we are truly humbled by the experience of launching on NEAR Protocol. We had a couple of issues during the first leg of the Community Launch, we feel that they need to be communicated properly.

First, thank you everyone for believing in what…

TLDR, here is the link to the Meta Pool mainnet DApp —

After months of hard work we are finally at the point of launch. It is to say that we are very proud of the community that has formed around this project, we would like to thank all…

We are really excited to be part of an open panel discussion hosted by the 4NTS Guild. Save the date: August 16th at 9am PST in the 4NTS Guild Youtube Channel.

The following key partners of the NEAR Ecosystem will be participating in the Open Discussion panel. You will have…


Ready to launch a liquid stacking solution on @nearprotocol

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