Breaking News: City of London to Launch Official Startup Incubator

Art Brown

October 31st, 2016

London, ON — A new resource for start up incubators is coming to London to accelerate local startups. Set to launch early 2017, Metabate is designed to incubate all local start up incubators.

Founders of Metabate hope to attract already successful incubators to their meta-incubator. Desired blue-chip program participants like Propel, Leap Junction, Hacker Studios, Innovation Works, and 121 Studios, but will start with any of the number of start up incubators emerging in London.

Metabate co-founders Art Brown and Gerry White started the meta incubator after seeing the cluttered incubator landscape in London. “We had initially wanted to start our own start up incubator. We had all the experience we needed to incubate startups from successfully failing at our own start up, iFuneral, the Airbnb for caskets. But in seeing the absolute clutter of incubators we realized that London needed an incubator to accelerate and focus the growth of all these incubators. Because more, is obviously better,” comments Brown.

Participant incubators working within the meta-incubator participate in rigorous workshops on everything from getting funding to managing political tensions of your parent organization. They will also have a shared work space to allow for sharing of best practices between respective incubator staffs.

Metabate founders hope this will be the start of a new trend of meta-incubation. “We envision a virtuous cycle of more and more meta-incubation. These Meta-meta-incubators, these Masterbators, incubating our incubator for incubators. It is a bright future indeed,” says White.

The City of London is the core funder of the Metabate project citing a need to “stop reporting on reports and get down to the business of business as usual,” says one prominent city manager who wished to remain anonymous. As promised during his campaign, Mayor Matt Brown continues to show his support of the London startup community by partnering to establish this important meta-incubator. “It’s time to create the conditions for London to be the start-up capital of Ontario,” said Brown. The funding of projects like Metabate is one piece of an important economic revitalization puzzle laid out in the London Community Economic Roadmap. The official ribbon cutting ceremony for this initiative will be held on November 16th at the London Convention Centre at the same time as city bureaucrats are celebrating the creation of their one thousandth committee.

Metabate will open applications for their first cohort of incubators on January 1, 2017. Send all comments, applications and inquiries to

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