MetaCall is a tool that allows mixing languages. You can build Polyglot Applications with it. In this article we will show you an example of a polyglot application step by step using BeautifulSoup (Python) mixed with an Express server (NodeJS) in order to build a Polyglot Scraping API.

Let’s go through the setup process together to see how easy it is to work with. First clone the repository:

git clone

Then we need to install MetaCall. MetaCall is distributed in different ways, including Docker, Guix or Installer. It is highly portable so it should work on any Linux. …

Function Mesh Overview

A new way to develop distributed systems that has never seen before.

A Function Mesh is a new way to inter-connect serverless functions transparently. With this new approach you can build complex distributed systems with multiple dependencies and scale only the hot parts of the system.

With MetaCall is possible to develop monolithic applications and test them locally in your laptop. The code can be later deployed to our FaaS and it will be automatically distributed in different instances. The connections between the nodes are implicit in the code and developers do not have to care about them.

You only…

MetaCall is a library which allows you to execute code written in a given programming language from within different programming languages.

At this moment it supports a variety of languages such as C/C++, JavaScript, NodeJS, Ruby, Python and C#, but we are planning to add more support. For example, calling from JavaScript to Python is easy as this three lines of code.

MetaCall allows you inter-connect any programming language with a simple syntax. It was created with user experience and high performance applications in mind.

Originally designed for a Game Engine, we are now using MetaCall to power a…


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