Call functions between programming languages with MetaCall

Dec 19, 2018 · 2 min read

MetaCall is a library which allows you to execute code written in a given programming language from within different programming languages.

At this moment it supports a variety of languages such as C/C++, JavaScript, NodeJS, Ruby, Python and C#, but we are planning to add more support. For example, calling from JavaScript to Python is easy as this three lines of code.

MetaCall allows you inter-connect any programming language with a simple syntax. It was created with user experience and high performance applications in mind.

Originally designed for a Game Engine, we are now using MetaCall to power a FaaS (Function as a Service) with a new technique called Function Mesh.

MetaCall opens up a new way to develop software. With MetaCall you can connect your code across languages easily, test it locally on your laptop and then upload it to our FaaS. Your code will be converted into a high scalable distributed system with no extra effort.

Working with multiple technologies at the same time in an isolated manner will be easy. Companies can mix their own teams of developers and maintain heterogeneous software reducing costs, frictions and time to market.

MetaCall is open-sourced under Apache 2.0 license. Feel free to fork the official repository. Suggestions and contributions are welcome.

See you meta-programmer!

Vicente Eduardo Ferrer García.
Founder & CTO of MetaCall.


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